"The intensity of Grizzly Bear and the delicate touch of Fleet Foxes"
"A creative exploration into humanity, space, and the future"
"Passionate performances and truly top-level songwriting"
"It gives the sense of pure art"
"Exquisitely made IndieRock"
"An immersive and complete work"
"A pleasing album which blends the folk tendency of the band with an apocalyptic and nostalgic atmosphere. The care taken in the arranging and the pervading dreamlike undertones in the lyrics close the circle on an decidedly successful record"
"Arrows is a hypnotic work, but not immediate - it requires you to listen numerous times, to pull you out of the morning traffic, or the crowded subway and allow you to be taken somewhere else - like an astronaut out in space"
"Forty minutes of excellent indie folk"
"Kettle of Kites demonstrate their understanding of suggestion and inspiration. The result is an interesting and complete work, most certainly noteworthy"
"The band, captained by Scottish songwriter Tom Stearn, is a magical mix of musicians"
"A modern and refined sound which, through experimentation, reaches its aims thoroughly"
"From soundscapes reminiscent of Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear, to electronic touches with a Radiohead flavour, all brought together by extremely evocative images, a fast-flowing journey through sound, in the search for answers"